"Exploring the Appalachian Trail by RV, Sort of..." by Anita Hartigan


This book is not simply the story of Vince and Anita Hartigan’s journey as “trail angels” as they provided trail support from their RV to their daughter and son-in-law while they thru-hiked the famed Appalachian Trail. It is also an atlas for those who desire to wander the byways along the A.T. and partake of the wonder and beauty that can be found there.


  • Detailed maps illustrating the routes they traveled in order to rendezvous with “Windtalker” & “Mom”
  • Information on locating “hard to find” trail road crossings
  • Extensive information and reviews on the many RV parks and campgrounds used
  • Secrets to make your adventure more rewarding…


"Solemates - Lessons on Life, Love & Marriage from the Appalachian Trail" by Randy "Windtalker" Motz and Georgia "Mom" Harris

What happens when a middle-aged couple with no previous backpacking experience, decides to test their 14-year marriage and spends six months hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in one continuous hike? Will their motto of “Quitting is not an option” be a blessing or a curse?

Not a day-by-day journal of trail life, but a candid, introspective, and sometimes humorous look into the range of emotions experienced during the pursuit of such a life-changing adventure. A warmhearted account of lessons in perseverance, human nature, compassion, understanding, teamwork and love. Their stories, and those of their thru-hiking companions, reveal insights into the human spirit and refreshing perspectives on what is truly important in life.



The Walk...

"The Walk - Reflections on Life & Faith from the Appalachian Trail" by Randy Motz and Georgia Harris

Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, 2,175 miles, from Georgia to Maine in one continuous hike, is a life-changing journey; a journey fraught with unimaginable obstacles, yet rich in unrivaled rewards. It is also a journey awash with spiritual significance. “The Walk” examines the spiritual nature of such an odyssey. 

Using stories from their 2006 thru-hike, scripture passages, inspirational quotes, and words of wisdom from Native Americans, the authors describe the spiritual revelations they encountered on the Appalachian Trail and draw the many inescapable parallels between spirituality on the trail and real life spirituality. The reader is transported on an entertaining and thought-provoking journey of spiritual understanding and self-awareness.



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