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From the chapter, “Walking in Step”:

What was the most frequently asked question of us during and after our thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail? No, it was not “What did you eat,” “Where did you sleep,” or even, “How many miles did you hike each day?” It was oddly enough, “How did you get along?” To us this seemed an unusual question; but with so few married couples undertaking the ambitious 2,174.6-mile journey that is the A.T., I suppose it seemed like a logical question for people to ask us.

The magnitude and atypical nature of what we were attempting came home to us dramatically, and somewhat humorously, as we overheard a cell phone conversation between a hiker and his wife. We were relaxing and eating our dinner at the Wilson Valley Lean-To in the 100-Mile Wilderness in Maine as he recounted his experiences of that day. Suddenly and quite loudly, with a voice filled with slightly more aggravation than excited interest, we heard his wife on the other end of the phone.
“Well, I hope you are getting this out of your system!”

It was all we could do not to choke on our mac ‘n cheese as we struggled to hold back our snickering. It was just one of the many examples that pointed up how fortunate we were to have a marriage that could stand the test we were putting it through.

So, how did we get along?...............”.

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“…beauty in how Mom and Windtalker worked together…a great adventure story and also a love story…you get the sense that this couple's relationship has deepened and expanded because they have had to face nearly insurmountable challenges together…is essential for anyone trying to hike the Appalachian Trail…felt I was changed by the experience…”  Rebecca Johnson, Amazon Top 10 Reviewer,

“…delves into the emotional aspects of a couple who spent six months of their lives and marriage on the Appalachian Trail…we find that love and relationships can become stronger and more meaningful from both trial and mutual support over difficult terrain and circumstances…Any couple looking to share a difficult but inspiring adventure together, or any person interested in the emotional aspects of conquering the Appalachian Trail, would benefit from reading their story.”
Lee SheafferPresident, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club

“No one has explored thru-hiking as a couple as thoroughly as have Randy Motz and Georgia Harris… an engaging account of thru-hiking the trail in 2006 along with a half dozen other couples…a significant contribution to A.T. literature… great advice for in-depth planning of a long-distance hike…”  Larry Luxenberg - Author of “Walking the Appalachian Trail”